Ankita’s Death Is Warning to All

JHARKHAND: Dumka girl Ankita Kumari, who was set on fire by her stalker Shahrukh Hussain 5 days ago, had succumbed to her injuries in the early hours of Sunday. Now, two videos have surfaced on social media containing the deceased’s painful, heart-rending dying statement.

In the first video, Ankita Kumari is seen speaking to the media from the hospital bed. The deceased, in evident pain, said that Shahrukh Hussain had threatened her with dire consequences a night before the attack. She further recalled how she went and immediately informed her father about the same.

In the videos, the deceased is heard saying that Shahrukh Hussain’s brother did not fear the law. He had warned action against those who dare to complain against Shahrukh and get him arrested. He had said, “Dekhte hai kaun jail me dhukata hai, jail se niklenge toh sabko dekh lenge. (lets see who dares to get us jailed, won’t spare them after coming out of the prison)”. Ankita also recalled how Shahruk’s brother had openly threatened her. “He had threatened me saying kill the girl who got him (Shahrukh Hussain) arrested,” Ankita recalled.

Since it was late in the night, her father asked her to go to sleep and said that they would think about what step needed to be taken the next morning.

Ankita further said in her dying declaration that she was in deep sleep at around 4 in the morning, when Shahrukh and his friend, whom she identified as Chhotu, threw petrol at her from the room’s window and set her on fire. When her eyes opened, she saw the two running away. On being asked, Ankita confirmed that the area she lived in had a predominantly Muslim population.

Ankita said near the end of the video that she wishes Shahrukh is not spared. “He should die the way I am dying today,” said the Dumka girl who breathed her last at 2.30 am on Sunday morning.