Allahabad HC rejects bail plea of Amazon Prime’s Aparna Purohit on ‘Tandav’ Web-series Case

Allahabad: The Allahabad High Court, on Thursday rejects an anticipatory bail application of Aparna Purohit, the creative head of Amazon Prime. She has been accused of ruining religious sentiments by pushing anti-Hindu content and scenes taunting Hindu gods in the web series made by Amazon Prime.

While, rejecting the bail plea of her, the single-judge bench of the Allahabad High Court has strong remarked that “such people make the revered figures of religion of majority community source of earning money”.

Justice Siddharth further stated that “whenever such crimes are committed by some citizens of the country, like the applicant and her co-accused persons, and it is made the subject matter of demonstration and public protest, the forces inimical to the interest of this country become active and they make it an issue and raise it before different national and international forums alleging that the Indian citizens have become intolerant and ‘India’ has become an unsafe place to live.

Even in the liberal democracies of the West, it becomes a topic of debate and the Indian diplomacy has to face tough time protecting the interest of the country and assuring the international community that the protests made against such acts are stray and genuine and it is not mark of any intolerance in the country as a whole.” Justice remarked.

The judge raised concerns about how this disturbing trend of mocking Hindu deities had passed from films to the comedy shows. Furthering that the applicant (Aparna Purohit) had not been vigilant and acted irresponsibly making her open to criminal proceedings.

It is important to mention that Purohit has protection from arrest in a  separate case filed by the police in Lucknow, and a different judge in the Allahabad High Court extended that protection till March 9, 2021.