Social Workers Foundation (SWF) Donates over 150 Units Blood

GARHWA: A local NGO, Social Workers Foundation, established in 2019 has been driving several initiatives including Blood donations, mass awareness campaign on Covid-19 vaccination hesitancy among general publics in the district, distribution of food grains to the needy during lockdown due to sudden surge in Covid-19 cases etc.

The organization (SWF), is a bunch of a folks intend to work for people causes amidst the crisis comes in. It was started in mid of 2019, however, actively functioning since 2020 precisely during the deadly impact of coronavirus time. So far, it has given over 150 blood donation unit and rationally it will continue to do that also.

Shubham Keshri, a volunteer of the organization told that this is a social and cultural outfit aiming to create awareness on various issues in public interests i.e. Covid-19 vaccination process where people are in bamboozle whether to take vaccine or not due to lot of myths create out of that, so our volunteers go and explain them, motivate to get yourself vaccinated.

We have around 100 volunteers who often engage themselves as and when needed. Our people have eagerness to do something for society at large. There is no hesitation in connecting people to scattered right information amongst them, he added.

The (SWF) foundation drives other than social aspects, it also looks towards cultural and patriotic behavior as well which can inculcate a sense of togetherness for all, regardless of one’s faith and ideology. Shubham emphasizes.

SWF’s office bearers are Aakash Keshri, Uttam Kashyap, Harsh, Rishik, Shivam, Mayank, Aman, Avijeet, Anmol, Umang, Anshu among them.